we focus on the right light

from excellent quality light output to ultra energy efficiency

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we invest in your business

eLight is transforming the way companies view
their business lighting and lighting energy use

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Save money, reduce carbon footprint
& improve lighting quality in your school

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eLight has the product depth to cover
every industrial lighting scenario

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High quality and long lifetime LED fittings
increase the value of a property

Lighting is a significant business cost and traditional lighting equipment
can be highly inefficient, generating much higher costs than necessary

Energy savings are achieved by improving quality,
not by compromising on it

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greater impact less energy

you focus on growing your business, while we keep the lights on

eLight Light as a Service

started in 2012 proving the concept & completing
various projects in the commercial sector

eLight completed over 600 lighting upgrade
projects up to 2017

installing over 275,000 led lighting products,
saving over 23 million KgCo2 in reduced energy use for clients

energy efficient lighting
upgrades completed
LED products installed in
properties throughout the
UK and Ireland
KgCo2 in reduced energy
use for clients
eLight clients are estimated to save over €10m on their energy bills in 2018

It’s a simple four step process to unlock your energy savings

We handle everything from start to finish with no interruption to your business. You get instant profit and an improved lighting upgrade in 4 simple steps:

Audit: A detailed audit to assess your existing lighting.

Proposal: We then propose a tailored solution that is right for your business.

Installation: We engage our approved electrical contractor to manage your installation.

Maintenance: Your lighting is maintained at its optimal level over the contract term.


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