This Christmas put up lights that will keep giving for years to come

 Dec 12th 2018

When you turn on the lights, that’s when you know that Christmas is here.  That moment, when the lights twinkle, that is the beginning of something special.  This Christmas, there is a chance to do something new with your lighting, a chance to turn on to a new light, one that will save your school tens of thousands of euro and also help the environment.  eLight has a present for you, a new lighting system at no up-front cost.

Schools use a lot of electricity.  The lights are on from 8am to 4 or 5pm most days.  In some cases, the lights will burn later into the night, where the school is used for rehearsals, sports or community events.  Lighting costs will typically represent 40% of a school’s energy bill.  That can be as much as €15,000 per year.  eLight has already installed systems in over 120 schools in Ireland and the UK.  Collectively, these schools have reduced their energy use by over €1.5 million euro per annum.

Conventional lighting, the type that most schools still have, is very inefficient.  A new modern LED lighting system will deliver better quality lighting, using 75% less energy.  In addition to saving money, the school would also reduce their carbon footprint – as less electricity used means less carbon emissions.

eLight will install a new lighting system in your school, switching you to energy efficient LED lighting.  The system will be installed at no up-front cost.  From installation, the school will see a saving of 75% on their lighting bills.  The lighting system is paid for through the savings over the next five years.  In many cases, the savings exceed the repayments each month and the school will see an immediate cash saving.

In addition to helping the bottom line, this helps the environment too.  Every year, a school with 800 students, operating normal school hours would expect to save up to 8 tonnes of carbon emissions.  That is something that students and teachers can feel proud about.

Christmas is a great time to look at this, as the installation typically takes 1-3 days and can be easily achieved during holiday periods, such as Christmas or mid-term breaks.

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Then you can start thinking what your school would do with an extra €10,000 in the budget each year.